How to Stop My Cat From Throwing Up Fake Urine

I have spent the last two weeks dealing with a problem of how to stop the most commonly asked question, “Why does my cat throw up white or black, clumpy pieces of urine?” The answer to this question is complicated but I will try to provide you with the best possible advice for doing so.

If you ask your cat what he/she is doing right now then your cat will probably tell you that he/she is playing. Why does your cat play? And how often is this type of activity? This is a very good question, because this will help you understand how to take care of this issue.

Most cats release their waste when they are playing and they like to be happy. So if your cat is in a playful mood he/she is likely to release it as a way of letting you know that he/she is having fun.

If you want to stop your cat from releasing white or black urine then you need to discourage him/her from playing by not providing any false items for them to play with. This may sound silly but you need to avoid giving your cat food or treats when he/she is playing. They will play with their food and won’t stop playing with fake urine. Learn more here how to pass a drug test

Another thing you need to avoid is providing food or treats in unusual places such as on top of his/her bed or under the couch. Cats don’t know where to put food or treats so they won’t stop playing if they think it is silly.

Next you need to train your cat to hold the litter box and flush it down the toilet when he/she is done using it. Make sure you never do this when your cat is playing because they would have been entertaining themselves with the fake urine. If your cat goes to the bathroom every time you bring a new item into the room or makes a show of going to the toilet, then you should consider talking to your vet about a system that can automatically flush it out of the litter box when the cat is finished.

Finally, remember to put your cat out of his/her litter box at night. Cats need some place to relieve themselves and it isn’t the litter box. A cat has its own natural instinct to urinate so you need to encourage this behavior instead of putting your cat in a box with the litter box.

In short, if your cat plays in the litter box, releases white or black urine, etc. then you need to train your cat to hold the litter box and keep it flushed.

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